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Holiday Season is a Scammer’s Favourite Time of Year

Air-BnB Scams

There has been a 400% increase in AirBnB scams in Australia compared to last year with over $110,000 lost so far according to Scamwatch. To ensure you’re booking a legitimate listing, the ACCC advises people to:

Parcel Season

Lookout for Texts Pretending to be from Australia Post. 

Australia Post is warning the community of widespread scam text messages telling customers there are problems delivering a package, or that a parcel won’t be delivered “due to unverified shipping address.” The text messages use AusPost as the sender name (which means it appears in the same text thread as other legitimate AusPost communications) and asks you to click on a link. The link leads to a fake website with the Australia Post logo, asking you to verify your address and provide a payment. By entering these details, the scammer can steal your personal and financial information.

Free Trials/Only pay postage deals

Any deal which asks you to provide your card details for a free sample/trial will also usually have terms and conditions where you agree to be charged for a greater amount in the future. So how can you avoid the costs that might be hiding in free trials?

Research the company online. See what other people are saying about the company’s free trials — and its service.

Find the terms and conditions for the offer. If you can’t find them or can’t understand exactly what you’re agreeing to, don’t sign up.

Look for already-checked boxes. That checkmark may give the company the green light to continue the offer past the free trial or sign you up for more products — only this time you have to pay.

Mark your calendar. Your free trial probably has a time limit. Once it passes without you telling the company to cancel your “order,” you may be on the hook for more products.

Look for info on how you can cancel future shipments or services. If you don’t want them, do you have to pay? Do you have a limited time to respond?

Check your transactions regularly. That way you’ll know right away if you’re being charged for something you didn’t order. If you have a charge you wish to dispute take it up with the merchant first, carefully record all communications in case you need to take it further. 

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