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Do you find yourself sifting through an extensive list of payees every time you transfer money or pay a bill online? Read on to find out how you can easily tidy up your payee list and avoid accidentally paying the wrong person. 

Internet banking and the LCU - Banking App conveniently allow you to save the details for bills or people you pay by entering a nickname for the person or bill when making your first payment to them. Have a good mate who always insists on paying for dinner so you have to tranfer cash to them all the time? No worries, save them and you can pay them in future with a couple of clicks/taps. However, this can become problematic later on when your list of saved payees becomes too long.

We find that a common factor in people accidentally paying the wrong person or biller and having to get the funds recalled, is them having a very long list of payees saved. To avoid paying the wrong person we recommend that you only give a nickname to and save payees who you will be sending money to on a regular basis.

When a payee changes, for example you get a new number for your credit card, we recommend updating the currently saved payee or deleting the current one and saving a new one. That will prevent you needing to figure out which one is the correct one when you're looking at two saved payees called "Credit Card" or similar. 

Also do a clean up of the payees you no longer need every now and again.

To do this: 

  1. Log on to Internet Banking on a desktop or laptop PC
  2. Navigate to Payments > Payee (or) BPAY Address Book

  3. Click Change next to the payee you no longer use or wish to update
  4. Click Delete, and repeat for all other payees you wish to remove.
    Or if the payee information has changed - update the biller code, account number, reference, or whatever the field is that contains the changed information and click Update

Should you need any assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.