The New LCU Mobile Banking APP

LCU is implementing an upgraded Mobile Banking App

LCU is set to roll out an update for our Mobile Banking App on Thursday, 2nd May 2024, where the new App will be available to all members.

What do you need to do? 

If you already have the LCU Banking App, this will automatically update seamlessly, depending on your phone settings. Refer to FAQs below for any issues.

No re-registration is required; simply sign in using your existing method (PIN, Pattern or Face ID).

New features on the App:

  1. Password management for both the App and online internet banking in one place;
  2. Search feature for your transactions, including viewing expenses by category and time period;
  3. Easily share transaction details;
  4. Filters for recurring and once-off payments;
  5. Also a new user friendly look!

What if I'm asked for my membership number and password again?

If you don’t know your internet banking password, simply select “Forgot password”.

Enter your Membership Number and Date of Birth.

Select the red button: “Send SMS code” & enter the code sent to your mobile and create your new password. 


For the implementation of this new App, the following FAQs may assist; 

  • If auto-updates are not enabled on your device, you will need to manually install the update through your respective Google Play Store, App Store, or phone settings.
  • Should you encounter any processing issues after implementing the new App, please uninstall and then reinstall it. You will need to enter your registration details once more, including your membership number and internet banking password.
  • Please contact our support team by calling (02) 9859 0585 or email if you have any issues.

Additionally, with the upcoming mobile banking App upgrade, we plan to enhance our internet banking services in 2025.