Everything you need to know about Travelling Overseas.

Everything you need to know about Travelling Overseas.

Important Information for Overseas Travel

Facts about our services while you're overseas:

  1. The MVP internet banking will require you to receive your SMS OTP while overseas.
  2. The LCU mobile banking app will allow you to view and transfer between your own accounts and to previous payees. But for any new payees you will be requested to input your SMS OTP.
  3. Your LCU Visa Debit card can be used while you are overseas at anywhere where VISA is accepted, but we ask that you bring a backup card as this may not work everywhere.
  4. Fees and charges do apply for card transactions completed overseas, please see our Fees and Charges brochure for further information.
  5. You can contact us on our WhatsApp during business hours (EST) on +61404 552 664
  6. For lost and stolen cards, you can visit our visa card tips on how to stop you card here or in emergency situations where you are unable to contact LCU or cancel your card via you online banking app, you can call VISA international support centre here Reporting Lost Credit Cards | Lost/Stolen Card Support | Visa
  7. There are costs involved with Emergency replacement of Visa cards, please contact LCU for assistance.
Informing LCU of your Travel

Travelling Overseas can be an exciting time, but we ask that our members inform us of your planned travel before your departure date!
What you should inform LCU by email, phone call or online enquiry:

  1. Your travel dates (departure from Australia and arrival back to Australia)
  2. Your travel destinations as these can affect your card use while overseas
  3. If you require your SMS OTP to be disabled for the duration of your travel
  4. If you need your LCU Visa Debit card to be renewed early if it will expire while you are overseas