Security FAQ

Everything you need to know about your online Security

Everything you need to know about your online Security

Protecting yourself online has become a major part of Australian life, with the world of scams increasingly evolving. See our security tips on how LCU aims to protect you, How you can protect yourself and internet banking security facts. LCU is a self managed organization where it comes to fraud management; this means that fraud management is all completed internally. We do have an out of hours visa debit card support for lost or stolen cards who may contact you, you can request to call them back on their direct line 1300 705 750 When in doubt, call us on (02) 9859 0585.

Who should you contact?

If you do not feel secure and believe you have been compromised: 

  • Call us on (02) 9859 0585 for internet banking and visa card support
  • For visa card support out of hours contact 1300 705 750
  • Email
  • Tell LCU Staff as soon as possible
  • Cancel your visa card via your online banking
  • Update all your passwords - if you feel you have been remotely accessed we recommend that you do not use that device and instead use another device
  • Reach out and inform your other financial institutions & government agencies as soon as practical
LCU Protecting You

At LCU we try our best to protect all of our members' personal information, their banking history and their accounts:

  • Offering SMS OTP security for an added layer of protection for all members
  • Where possible, we confirm with you verbally on suspicious payments made on your visa debit card or payments made online where SMS OTP has not been set up
  • Using verified security passwords which only you should know
  • We also have encrypted firewalls and auto-timeouts to make sure your online banking is safeguarded

Our staff are trained to identify suspicious situations and we do our best to keep your information and finances secure

Identifying different Scams

We ask that all our members become familiar with protecting yourself and your information online. We also ask that you look to expand your knowledge to help you identify scams, you can do this by visiting

Please be on the lookout for these situations:

  • Receiving a call, text or email where your visa card or online banking has apparently been compromised. We do have an out of hours visa card monitoring support- we ask that you verify the call is from them by advising them you will ring them back on 1300 705 750.
  • Sometimes, these calls seem as if they are coming from a company who you may be familiar with or they had previously sent you a verification code to establish a false sense of trust.
  • You are asked to go to you computer and place in a web address's which can lead to your computer being remotely accessed.
  • They request you give them your security codes, or to follow links.
  • They pretend to set you up with new bank accounts at other institutions.
  • Some also offer you to make a little income with no risk (this is also classified as money laundering)

We ask that our members when they receive calls, texts or emails, that you visit the website of the company direct & you call the company on a verified number.

Here at LCU we are a self-managed fraud institution, so we ask that you call us on (02) 9859 0585. 

When in doubt, hang up & call us.

Internet Banking - Online Security

To protect yourself online against unauthorised electronic transactions we suggest that you follow these security guidelines:

Set up SMS one time password:

  • Setting this up adds a secure 2-factor authentication via sending you an SMS with a one time code.
  • Will verify when you add new payees.
  • Allows us to raise your Internet banking limits.

Choose a secure password:

  • Choose a long combination password such as using a phrase of wording with a number and special character.
  • Enter a password you have not used before.
  • Updating your password regularly.

Have Antivirus protection:

  • Antivirus will protect your information and devices from unverified or fraud websites
  • It will also protect your visa card details

Being aware of the requirements LCU has to identify you:

  • LCU will never ask you for your SMS One time password.
  • LCU will never ask you for your Internet banking password.
  • LCU will never send you a link to login directly to MVP internet banking from an SMS or EMAIL.
  • If you are ever asked for these, please call us on our Direct Number (02) 9859 0585.